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Sensormatic Solutions powers retail operations and creates unique shopping experiences. Retail today is about achieving success through informed moments of truth. Those moments between customers, stores, associates and inventory are opportunities for retailers to positively impact the shopping experience and execute secure, seamless unified commerce. Opportunities to deepen our understanding of what customers want with every interaction.

Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers deliver frictionless, secure, personalized experiences by powering accurate decision-making across the enterprise. We make connections and bridge gaps across retail enterprises to deliver critical, real-time insights into inventory, shoppers, associates and the retail environment. We protect assets and people by ensuring a safe and secure environment throughout the entire customer journey. Our connected, scalable solutions and strategic insights enable retailers to confidently move into the future, bringing together online, mobile and in-store shopping for easy, personalized, enhanced experiences that shoppers love. We help retailers to anticipate change before it happens, so merchandise is available, associates are informed and empowered, and shoppers can safely engage with flexibility and ease.

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Sensormatic, the brand synonymous with retail loss prevention, now offers innovative store performance solutions that help improve operations, optimize profitability and create memorable shopper experiences. With Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS), retailers gain intelligent, data-driven insights to reduce losses and fuel profitability. And our new Sensormatic InfuZion anti-shoplifting tag platform reduces in-store tagging costs by 40% while enabling shopper self-checkout. Whether you want to minimize shrink, ensure safety or enhance your brand experience, we can show you how to leverage the latest technology to get there.


ShopperTrak is a leader in retail traffic analytics, with insights into 40 billion shopper visits each year. Understanding the impact of marketing and operational efforts on in-store sales is complicated. Not only have shopper behaviors changed, but the retail landscape is rapidly evolving. Retailers and property managers need reliable retail analytics to help them make informed decisions that positively impact sales. With insight into how many shoppers are walking into a store and when, retailers can create effective marketing and operational decisions and understand the related impact. Incorporating broader market benchmark, promotional, and other data sets, retailers will be able to convert real-time data into meaningful insight to sell more, faster.


TruVUE inventory intelligence provides retailers with a single view of item level inventory across the enterprise. Traditional inventory management methods can’t keep pace with today’s connected consumer demands. TrueVUE’s Inventory Intelligence leverages RFID technology and robust software to collect meaningful insights that enable a more personalized customer experience through better inventory visibility. This virtual sightline into enterprise-wide inventory helps reduce costly distortion by establishing solid accuracy by item and location. Armed with this valuable data, retailers can Improve inventory accuracy, assortment planning and store allocation, minimize out-of-stock and overstock conditions, reduce markdowns and drive revenue by ensuring all sellable merchandise is properly displayed on the sales floor. TrueVUE inventory intelligence solutions help retailers establish a solid foundation for successful unified commerce and unmatched shopper experiences.


Our professional retail experts leverage superior retail industry knowledge and real-life experience to design, deploy and support your strategic goals. We build upon proven methodologies and industry, partner, and technology best practices to design, implement and support Sensormatic Solutions. Our professional services teams focus on improving execution, speed and efficiency by operationalizing a solution’s business value and proactively identifying potential program risks.


Source Tagging as a Service (STaaS) is Sensormatic’s unique merchandise protection program that helps maximize the value of retailers Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) source tagging initiatives. We partner with retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to design and execute tailored programs to drive strong bottom line results and provide measurable benefits across merchandising, operations, and loss prevention.


Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) is a cloud-based offering designed to help enhance productivity, increase reliability and boost performance for a more effective Loss Prevention program. This innovative service provides device management, along with predictive analytics to help reduce shrink, improve sales, and optimize staffing. SMaaS helps reduce shrink while addressing underlying root causes with better equipment uptime and actionable insights. All connected devices are proactively monitored by dedicated remote diagnostic specialists to ensure systems are on-line and functioning properly.With its easy-to-navigate dashboards, SMaaS helps make sense of the data for early identification of problems and better decision making where it counts.
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